Colecandoo! is the blog of Colin Flashman, a prepress operator since 1997. The site aims to provide anyone preparing artwork for print with useful information to make their artwork flow seamlessly in prepress sections of any commercial printer.

The tips on the site are an accumulation of experiences and trials during my time as a prepress operator, and the blog originally began in the year 2000 as my own rant on an old employer’s website concerning what frustrated me the most about the artwork which was being processed.

Apart from Colecandoo!, Colin also contributes to the printing community in the following ways:

  • Contributing writer for InDesign Magazine and indesignsecrets.com;
  • Previously spoken at PEPCON 2016 about Data Merge, and has had cameo speaking roles at other CPN events such as the InDesignConference 2016, and the CreativeWOW session of CreativeProWeek 2017.
  • Previously spoken at several Adobe Users’ Group of South Australia sessions;
  • An Adobe Community Professional (ACP) of the Adobe Forum using the handle cdflash with the familiar “hands in the air” logo of Colecandoo.

6 Responses to About

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Colin,

    nice blog!
    I am searching for the script “PDFExportCropper.jsxbin” which you have used here: https://colecandoo.wordpress.com/2013/11/17/variable-qr-codes-sort-of-possible/

    Please be so kind and send me the script via email.
    I searched for hours but the original file seems to be deleted from the server.

    Thank you!

    • colmin8r says:

      As I understand, Loic Aigon is reviewing all of his scripts. The note on his blog explains: http://www.loicaigon.com/en/script-debugging-call-files/

      This puts me in a dilemma. I cannot give you something that is not mine to give away, but at the same time is a useful script that I feel you should be able to use. I would suggest contacting Loic directly on his blog to get hold of the script: http://www.loicaigon.com/en/about/contact-2/

      The best that I can suggest in the meantime is to use the alternate script, customexport.jsx that is still available from http://www.old.scriptopedia.org/index.php?post/custompdfexport.jsx.html

      • Nick says:

        Thank you!
        There are a lot of similar scripts doing the same thing.
        But: I am looking for a script which refers to a certain paragraph style and converts each page title to a file name. Mmmh…maybe Loic can help me.

      • colmin8r says:

        It is a good script. From Loic’s post, PDFstyleexporter (the alternate name for PDFExportCropper) is one of the first ones he is going to review. Perhaps try him on twitter: @loicaigon .

        There were alternatives to his script that were featured in an earlier article that I wrote: https://colecandoo.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/breaking-up-is-hard-to-do-indesign-files-into-individual-pdfs-that-is/ – have you pursued any of these options?

  2. Colmin8r thank you for your script to Data Merge from InDesign to unique filenames its extremely helpful. Do you know if it is possible for this script to split every 2 pages of a data merge to a unique filename?

    • colmin8r says:

      Hello there, please accept my sincere apologies for such a long delay in the response. If you mean merge records 1 and 2 to a file, then 3 and 4 to another file, etc, then yes this can be done. Because it is bespoke in nature, this would be a custom-made script that would have to be charged for. Contact me directly via my contact page on this site for further details.

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