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A distinction is made between paid content and editorial on this site – no “advertorial” pieces will be written on this site. Anyone posting comments on an article that are clearly for their commercial benefit are asked to declare their interests up-front, or their interests will be announced in follow-up posts by me.


Posted replies to any article are maintained by myself and the WordPress site. Genuine responses to blogged articles are welcome, but the following reply posts will not be tolerated:

  • Spam, whether direct or indirect;
  • Any material that is deemed offensive for whatever reason;
  • Posts that divulge personal contact details (also known as “doxxing”);
  • Astroturfing (favourable reviews, recommendations, referrals, etc that appear to be from an impartial standpoint but in fact written by someone who clearly has a commercial interest). Anyone promoting a product who has an interest in that product needs to declare their interest up-front.

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For the benefit of transparency in any articles written, all of my commercial interests are declared here:

  • Employee of Openbook Howden Print & Design, and a former employee of Hyde Park Press, Nexus Print Solutions and Staples Canada.
  • Paid (infrequent) contributor to Creative Pro and InDesign Magazine.
  • Voluntary contributor to website.
  • Provide paid private freelance and InDesign tuition.
  • Part of the Adobe Community Professional program that extends certain benefits to participants, but is an unpaid position.
  • Part of the Adobe Affiliate program.
  • There are affiliate links on the Photos page linking to promotional programs offered by the stock photography providers.
  • One-time collaboration with Marc Autret on his HurryCover script, a paid javascript for InDesign.

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