When this blog began in 2011, the aim was to provide general prepress advice to InDesign users that wasn’t necessarily available on other websites. Since then, it has grown to encompass tips and tricks for InDesign’s Data Merge feature, as well as hosting InDesign javascripts that are improvements on existing concepts; or completely original concepts (such as the Data Merge to unique names script).

In 2015, the Colecandoo Youtube channel was launched, with the aim of not only bringing some popular posts to life, but to provide a better experience for regular visitors to the Colecandoo website.

However, preparing all of this content takes a lot of time and resources. Countless hours of behind-the-scenes work goes into making sure that the content I create can not only stand up to scrutiny of the harshest critics, but be useful and engaging as well.

If any of the content on this site has helped you in one way or another, I would kindly encourage you to consider a contribution by clicking on one of the Colecandoo characters below.

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