In addition to Colecandoo, I also prepare articles for CreativePro from time to time, as well as the CreativePro Magazine (formerly InDesign Magazine). Please feel free to have a look at the articles and subscribe not just to the site, but to CreativePro Magazine as well.

CreativePro Magazine articles:

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  • Issue 122: InReview: MyDataMerge
  • Issue 98: Improving Scripts
  • Issue 83: Overprinting Options
  • Issue 77: Fresh Tips (contributor)
  • Issue 66: Awesome Workarounds (contributor)
  • Issue 52: Merge Right! 5 essential data merge techniques

CreativePro posts:

2021-12-16 Exploring Color Combinations with Data Merge
2021-06-12 Colorizing Variable Greyscale Images during Data Merge
2019-09-16 Adding New Document Page Sizes (the Colecandoo article “Document Presets vs New Page Sizes.xml: Adding page sizes” republished with permission)
2019-08-07 Understanding the Stacking Order of Paragraph Rules
2019-01-05 Moving Side-tabs using only one Master Page and Chartwell Bars
2018-07-04 Changing Layouts During a Data Merge
2018-06-07 Applying Any CMYK Color During a Data Merge
2018-06-04 Changing Colors During a Data Merge
2018-05-28 Creating Colored QR Codes During a Data Merge
2018-04-27 Making Heat Maps with GREP and Data Merge
2018-03-22 A Script for Making Bar Graphs with GREP
2017-03-13 Packaging Graphics on the Pasteboard with the Book Panel
2016-12-08 Turning Numbers into Bar Graphs Using GREP: An Improved Technique
2016-11-24 GREP-style bar graphs for Data Merge
2016-07-27 Chartwell Typeface: Update
2016-06-13 Calendar Wizard Script Upgraded
2015-12-14 Why the “Document fonts” folder and Data Merge don’t mix
2015-10-22 Troubleshooting Data Merge Errors
2015-08-03 A Size Trap When Exporting JPGs for On-screen Use
2015-03-25 How to View Two Parts of a Document at Once
2015-03-09 What to Know Before Using Live Captions and Text Variables
2015-03-05 Getting the Right Bleed in Print PDFs
2015-01-23 How to Preserve the Appearance of Text When Updating Tables
2014-12-29 Data Merge QR Codes Explained
2014-11-28 Traps when Packaging Data Merge files
2014-10-16 How To Place Multiple Word Files into One Text Frame
2014-10-08 Data Merging Individual Records to Separate PDFs Part 2: via Scripting
2014-08-18 Data Merging Individual Records to Separate PDFs
2014-08-05 Creating a Batch of PDFs With a Script
2014-05-12 Creating Sequential Numbers for Data Merge… with a script!
2014-04-06 Make Scalable Shapes with Data Merge