The Hangover has lifted since the PICAs…

Friday 4 November was another watershed moment in my career as a prepress operator to once again be part of a winning team which was awarded the Printing Industry Craftsmanship Award (PICA) and take out the biggest gong of the evening, the 2011 Heidelberg Excellence in Craft Award.

This is the second time that I have been part of a winning team to accept such award, with the first occasion being with Nexus Print Solutions in 2007. Anyone familiar with Nexus will know that winning a PICA, while satisfying, is no guarantee of success as the company eventually went into voluntary administration.

(EDIT 15 December 2012): Lightning strikes twice! The company that won the award being posted about was placed into voluntary administration in mid November 2012.

Feels great to be part of the winning team, but more importantly know that the hard part was not winning the award, but defending it for 2012.

For a full list of all of the results from the event, click here.

ProPrint’s write-up can be found here. FYI, I’m the one on the very left in the red untucked shirt.

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