Show Notes: PDFs for commercial printers

On Monday, September 12, I gave a presentation on behalf of the Adobe User Group of SA (AUGSA) on the topic of preparing PDFs for commercial printers.  I had mentioned during the meeting that shownotes would be made available after the presentation, which would also include the test-file which was deliberately full of mistakes.

Well, better late than never I suppose! The linked file is a PDF of the actual show notes, along with attachments within the PDF which form the test-file and its attachments.

For those not at the presentation, a dummy InDesign file for a fictional travel agency “Allons-y” was prepared to demonstrate how a file which looks not only OK on screen but also with few preflight warnings in the preflight panel can still be of major concern. Feel free to download the PDF to extract the InDesign file and its attachments and see how many errors you can find. Not counting errors of style, there are over 20 prepress issues in this document (i’d list the total amount but I really can’t remember how many there were).

For those interested in joining AUGSA, go to this link here to find out more.

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