Check and re-check

It is not a legal obligation of a bureau or commercial printer to check for mistakes made by the customer. Most bureaux or printers assume that artwork is provided on a final print-ready basis, so if any spelling mistakes are discovered once the job is complete, tough!

This also includes any other errors such as grammar, punctuation, style or content made by the customer.

This becomes even more important if the artwork is in a foreign language, or if the artwork features many technical diagrams (e.g. wiring diagrams, molecular structures, sheet music, mathematical equations, etc).

It is important to run more than just a spell-check as well. Spell-check may pick up typographical errors, but will not pick up errors of style, errors within pictures (such as the examples above), misspellings where the misspelt word is another word in English (now instead of not, metre instead of metres, etc).

In Adobe InDesign, there is a potential glitch which can also see entire text galleys go completely unchecked.

spelling issue

When checking spelling, the stories which are imported into Adobe InDesign must have the same dictionary as the spell checker being used. This can be an issue with Australian versions of InDesign as Microsoft Word will use the English: Australian dictionary rather than the English: UK dictionary.

However, there is a script which can change all stories to the English: UK Dictionary. It looks like this:

myDoc = app.activeDocument;
myStyles = myDoc.paragraphStyles;
for (i = 1; i < myStyles.length; i++)
myStyle = myStyles[i];
myStyle.appliedLanguage = "English: UK";

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