Some of the articles on the Colecandoo site feature PDF downloads that can be found at the bottom of the respective articles. These PDFs contain the necessary files required as attachments within the PDFs to attempt what was explained in the articles.

On the other hand, this page features some free useful javascripts, as well as show notes from presentations that I have given.

If you’ve found that any of the javascripts here have been beneficial and made you more productive, then I’d like you to consider visiting the Donate page.


Prepress enforcer (startup scripts): Request the scripts here.

Days of the week maker: Download the script here. v1.05 2017-11-20

Convert White to [Paper] and solid blacks to [Black]: Download the script here. v1.01 2017-05-04

Convert Faux Blacks to user input values: Download the script here. v1.01 2017-05-04

Convert LAB Greys to shades of Black: Download the script here. v1.01 2017-05-04

Convert RGB Greys to shades of Black: Download the script here. v1.01 2017-05-04

Data Merge Colored QR Code Maker: Download the script here. v1.01 2016-01-26

Data Merge Cut and Stack assistant: Download the script here. v1.07 2016-01-04

Export Interactive PDF to a folder on the desktop: Download the script here. v1.01 2017-03-05

Change Formfield Type (Acrobat Action): Download the SEQU file here. v1.01 2017-03-05

Add measurements to selected objects: Download the script here. v1.07 2016-02-22

Data Merge to unique names: Download the script and its instructions here. v1.27 2017-12-10

Remove Empty frames: Download the script here. v1.03 2016-01-03

Export an InDesign file to PDFs of set page lengths: Download the script here or from the Adobe Add-ons site. v1.04 2015-11-07

Add bookmarks from a paragraph style: Download the script here.

Add bookmarks from a character style: Download the script here.

Import all styles, colours and master pages from a selected file: Download the script here.

Map GREP styles from one paragraph style to one or many others: Download the script here.

Replace positive or negative baseline shifts with InDesign subscripts and superscripts: Download the script here.


Download the slides from the Ignite presentation at the 2015 InDesignConference here.

Show notes from the Preparing PDFs for Commercial Printers presentation here.

Download the table for image/frame fitting options here.


17 Responses to Downloads

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  4. NewFace SA says:

    great script to export to pdf. I search for this a lot. Today I use other metods .
    Can you make to export to .jpg with names too?

  5. colmin8r says:

    I have a few scripts here so if you can tell me what script you are referring to specifically, that would be great. If you’re referring to the Data Merge to Unique Names script, that is something in the pipeline, but it will be part of a Pro release… more news will be made available soon.

  6. Take a look into my own version to import styles from a selected document:

    • colmin8r says:

      That’s a great script. While it’s in Portuguese, it’s easy enough to understand what’s going on.

      • LFCorullón says:

        If you want, I can translate it to English.

      • colmin8r says:

        I’m just thinking of a wider audience for your script apart from Portugal, Brazil, Timor Leste, Mozambique etc… Marc Autret of Indiscripts has some posts for making UIs multi-lingual – and

        That said, it’s something I should do for my scripts as well 😀

      • Great. Thank you!!! I’ll read those articles!

      • I can’t use the method Marc discribed in those posts.
        But, I find my own way, take a look:

        The link directly to the script you tried is:

  7. its possible to export in jpg with names? heres my flow:
    I create 4 pages with diferente sizes (1 10×15 other 15×23 and other a4) in a document.
    I export that files to a folder in jpg. I have a software that separate the files based on sizes( that returns me each size into a folder) . Then I use a rename software to rename the files based on my datasheet in each folder

    Since your script works only with pdf/idml ….I can’t use that.

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  11. I need scrip control in data merge more than

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